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Pondering From the Pastor

Dear Friends at Lake Eunice,

It has been many years since we’ve seen a winter like this one, I started out the season thinking that we weren’t having much of a winter, surprise! I am now wondering if some of the snowbanks will still be here in June! It makes us appreciate the warmer weather when it comes, as we know it will. It won’t be long and I will be complaining it is too hot and humid and the grass is growing too fast for me to keep up with it. As least we have the wild game feed and Good Friday and Easter services to look forward to!

            With the weather being what it is, it has been hard to live up to the no complaints challenge through the month of February, if there is nothing else to complain about, there is always that! Now with March here, the weather should at last improve by the end of the month, it has been wonderful to have a bit longer days, I was musing to myself that at 5:00 p.m. the sun was still well above the horizon, whereas month ago it would have been setting and getting dark. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Savings time on March 10th, another sure sign of spring!

            I am encouraged as I think about God’s mercy, which is new every morning. I was listening to a song that really touched my heart the other day. I don’t know the name of it but it talked about how Jesus died for a wretch like me, and that He took my place on the cross. No, it wasn’t Amazing Grace. However, it reminded me that if we only would stop long enough in our busy lives, (I am guilty of that), and ponder on the grace that Jesus has extended to us because of His sacrifice of Himself on the cross, it is both mind boggling and humbling. We probably don’t spend enough time thanking Jesus for what He has done for us, and what that means to us for our salvation.

            We are so far removed from the sacrificial system that was a major part of worship in biblical times that perhaps we sometimes fail to remember that because of God’s perfect justice sin must be punished, if we are to survive the penalty of sin which is death, something or someone else must take our place or we ourselves suffer the consequences. With addictions like drinking, pornography, sex trafficking, vaping, drugs, and a host of other things that plague our society, the consequences of sin is all around us. That is why we so desperately need a Savior, who was willing to take the consequence of our sin upon Himself so we could indeed survive the penalty of our sin because God’s perfect justice is satisfied with the perfect sacrifice Jesus offered in Himself, we are now able to be at peace with God as a result. In spite of the weather, we have so many things to thank the Lord for!           Pastor Dale