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Pondering From the Pastor

It is hard to believe that one third of the summer has past and we have experienced the longest day of the year. As so many have pointed out to me, after the 4th of July, it is all downhill from there, I know towards winter is what they mean. I don’t want to hear it! I guess we cannot say we haven’t had summer with all the warm temps and bright sunny days. It is now that we remember those who have served in our armed forces down through the last two hundred and forty-two years, and it is time to give thanks for their faithful service to our nation as we celebrate Independence Day.

            What a joy it was to experience and have a part in the 125th Anniversary celebration. What was the most special about it to me was the program on Sunday afternoon, to hear from person after person who grew up in this church how much this church has impacted their lives and that of their children and grandchildren. What a testimony of God’s faithfulness and His grace to us as a church. Our glory days are not behind us IF we continue to give glory and honor to God and remain faithful to teach and preach His word. I fully believe that we have a lot of vital ministry to do in the coming years. When I first started to come to this church in 1983, there were twelve people attending and there was talk of closing the church, which I didn’t know about, thankfully! But by the Lord’s leading they decided to call another pastor instead. Soon the building needed to be added on to so there would be enough room for all those who were attending, all in the span of a year or two. So many gave of their time, talent, and money to keep us going.

            It seems like we just get one big event behind us, and another one is coming up. We are now in the process of preparing for Vacation Bible School. By the time you read this, one workday will have already happened. We hope that you will dedicate some time to come and help us decorate the church for this very important event of the summer. Just as important is that each of you pray for those who will attend, that many children will come to faith in the Lord during our VBS, and also for us as workers that we can keep our strength up and for good weather during the week.

            What does the future look like for Lake Eunice? Should the Lord tarry, there is the Sunday School picnic and another Charles Crain concert in August, the startup of Sunday School for the fall in September, the Harvest Festival, Annual meeting, and the Family Fun Night, Thanksgiving services and Christmas Eve Services in the near future, and in the long term we will continue to hold events, preach and teach the word, train up disciples, and make a difference in our community. God has been faithful to keep us here all these years, and His faithfulness never ends. May we never forget the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made at the cross for our salvation and always be grateful.     

Pastor Dale